About the Author

Nicette Jukelevics is a Childbirth Educator certified by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) and Co-Founder as well as Parent Educator at the Center for Family in Torrance, California. A childbirth educator, author,  and researcher for over 25 years, she has presented on cesarean and VBAC issues at national conferences and  in advanced doula trainings across the U.S.

Jukelevics served as Chair of the ICEA's Cesarean Options Committee and the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services. Her articles have been featured in publications including Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care, Mothering Magazine, Childbirth Instructor Magazine, and the International Journal of Childbirth Education. Her VBAC Fact Sheet was included in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Reducing Cesarean Section Rates While Maintaining Maternal and Infant Outcomes, Breakthrough Series Guide. She also edits and publishes www.vbac.com.

Nicette Jukelevics can be reached at nicette@vbac.com