Women's choices for how and where they want to give birth have been consistently eroding these last few years. Whether these directives are coming from medical associations, risk management teams, or malpractice insurance providers, their impact is affecting the health of mothers and babies in a negative way. The women's health activist organization, Our Bodies, Our Selves together with maternity care professionals, advocates, and consumer groups have issued a joint statement, Choices in Childbirth A Statement by Physicians, Midwives and Women’s Health Advocates who Support Safe Choices in Childbirth, calling for health reforms in maternity care. If you agree with their proposal, add your name to the statement.



In today's New York Times, Gardner Harris reports on the declining infant mortality rate in the U.S., but also points out that 28 other countries had fewer infant deaths in 2004. Preterm birth is one of the causes of infant mortality-babies that are born too soon. The March of Dimes is concerned that the increasing number of scheduled cesareans and inductions of labor may be contributing to the rise in infant mortality. Late preterm births, babies born between the 34th and 36th week of pregnacy account for 70 percent of all premature births in the U.S. and are the fastest growing subgroup of premature babies. Mothers who are considering having a labor induction or a scheduled cesarean may want to read the information available from the March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign so they can make an informed decision.

Induction by Request
www.marchofdimes.com/prematurity/21239_20203.asp, and

Cesarean by  Request


For those of you who may already have received your copy of the book, apologies are due. There are some errors in the first printing. The corrections are posted for you on the The Book page of this website as a PDF.


Finally, the book is published and orders are being shipped. The book is available from Greenwood, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders among others.  I hope that childbearing women and their families will find some value in this book: learn about their options and make more choices about how they want to give birth. My hope is also to make a small difference with the health professionals who dedicate their lives to caring for childbearing women and their families; to gain some knowledge, and perhaps find the inspiration and courage to help make the changes many believe are long overdue.The Book has been printed and will be available by the end of the month.